Friday, May 23, 2008

Sofa Dreams

Well I know its dreaming big, and there are a lot of things we WANT that we wont get. Life is expensive and maried life is even more than that! So I hear...i wouldn't know just yet but ask me in 3 months 1 week and 6 days! Good Lord that is soon! Anyways, me and Cody found the sofa we would like t have for our home, providing that our home is big enough for it:-) And believe me it is even better in real life! I dont think I have ever sat in anythign as comfortable...grandpa thinks we should get it love it and enjoy it...I think grandpa should buy it for us! teehee KIDDING! Anyways just thought I would share it with you...its in ZGallerie if you would like to go sit on this little peice of heavan. It is called the mamoth hence the fact we are not sure it will fit in our first place since it surely will not be a mamoth of a place:-) (By the way if you know of anyone with a guest house they might want to rent to us let me know!) God will provide and we are just waiting for the right thing to come up. How fun to think that in three months I will be playing house!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Im getting a cat!

It's's just not happening yet. I found these cats online a year or tw ago and have wanted one ever since. Well Cody said we can have one when we get married! It's going to be MY pet because he has Koa:-) Honestly I can't tell you how excited I am about getting one of these cats just for me! Its called a bengal cat and it is GORGEOUS! I have not decided yet if I want the silver one or the brown one yet (Cody likes the silver) Oh I am so in love!


I love them! This past week I got to spend some wonderful time with some wonderful people! After having ice cream with the girls some of us...layed in the street:-) I love random girl time and the blessing that these two girls are in my life! Hallie is my Katie of Simi Valley and Alina...well she hates drama as much as I do:-) I love this girl a lot!

Saturday was Cameron and Randis piano recital. In typical Mooney style they didnt just play the piano. Randi played along with a recording and did a wonderful job! What a talanted little lady (She also just made it into an all star team for soft ball!) Cameron played and sang a worship song he wrote. It was beautiful. It was also really emotional because the whole day was about honoring their mothers. I didnt come away ith pictures of Cameron or Randi...Oops But I did get a few cute ones of Rylee wth Chris and Nicole.
Tiffany also came and spent the night with me on Monday! I dont know how I would live without this girl. We went out to dinner, watched 27 dresses and talked through wedding things. Its such a blessng to have such wonderful woman in my life like Tiff.
And of course...I had some wonderful time with my other half Cody:-) It was a week full of people and busy things but one that was also so full of joy and love. I dont know what I would do without people in my life!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man

Well like I said below the whole family went to see Iron Man this weekend. I didn't think the little (It's great!) did it justice and so I am dedicating a whole post to this fantastic movie (amazing I know) In all honesty though I compleatly enjoyed this movie and so did everyone around me. Inspite of the squirming four year old bouncing back and forth from Codys lap to mine...
She actually added a lot of entertainment to the movie! At the begining she was nervous and kept telling me I dont think I want to see this movie...that is until Iron man burst through tha doors in the cave. Than my little four year old sat straight up and started bouncing excitedly "It's Iron Man!" You think she would have caught onto that from the 500 times we had told her in the day that we were going to see Iron man that night. Another excited outburst from the midget when she relaised that Tny was in fact Iron Man. She seemed inthrawled until I looked over and she was suddenly asleep. I wonder if Cody didnt slip her something to silence her little girl squeels? Anyways, point being this was ana amazing action movie with great acting and hilareous comedy throughout. I would definitly go back and see it and look forward to a second one. On top of the movie being so darn fantastic, there were at least five previews of movies I am so excited to see! Batman anyone? Uh I just can't wait!

Mothers Day Travels

Just thought I would share some of the fun pictures from this weekend up at Hume. Last minute me and Cody decided to take his younger sister Rylee with us. She added a lot to the weekend and we enjoyed having her as well as all the wonderful time we got to spend with my family. God really blessed my mom for mothers day and every one of her kids were all together in the same place on Saturday! We went to see iron man (which was amazing!)
we all smashed in the yukon to go down the hill and had a lot of fun getting to spend some time hanging out. After our big busy day in town we got to have a relaxing and beautiful day at home on Sunday. Because it was mothers day me and cody decide to make mom a special dinner. My wonderful fiance went well above providing for us and got us six pouns of carne asada! We had yummy tacos and everything yummy that goes along with that including margaritas lol:-) Cody got to spend some time relaxing which I was thankful for and we took a beautiful walk down to the lake and fed some ducks with Rylee. The boys rock climbed and played frisbee golf and Cody even got in some fishing while me and my mom got to catch up on wedding things. We walked out to the wedding sight and it was so exciting to talk through how everything was going to come together and look! Inspite of the LONG drive home the weekend was amazing and I'm falling asleep today at work because of it:-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hume Sweet Home

Well if this day ever ends, and the meat ever gets picked up lke I asked, than I will be going home! I have not been home in two months! Since we got engaged and I can't wait. I dont feel very good today so that kind of stinks! I want to curl int a ball and cry...ugh maybe I will just go home early and nap before driving to Hume? Huh not so bad an idea!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleep #35

Well I was talking to my mother this morning and it is official that I need a wedding energy booster! haha It's still SO much fun but life s a big distraction, and right now there are a lot of things in life making it hard to do anything. Yesterday Cody got back from a 48 (which is always wonderful!) So after work I headed over to his house and he cooked me a fabulous meal. Besides the fact it made me feel guilty that I dont know how to cook it was so nice. After that we headed to Z Gallery to look at the couch we want to buy! Haha it's $1400!!!! But the more I look at it, sit on it, and think about it I am convinced that I NEED that couch:-) We can't buy it until we find out where we will be living because it isn't the smallest thing you have ever seen so until than I will visit the store and look at it until it can be my own! lol. After that Cody wanted to stop in at the sleep number store, hours later, we left haha. I never knew a store with six mattresses could be so much fun! We laid on them all but got stuck on the one that sits up and elevates your feet and everything. Cody thinks we need one, I'm fully ok with that if we have the money ets get it! (Me and Cody don't spend it if we don't have it so....I don't think we will be getting that bed just yet! We have to buy MY couch first lol) When we finally got home to clean it was late and we were way to relaxed from laying around all evening. So instead in went disc two of season five of FRIENDS! haha me, Cody and Cameron watched it until we all fell asleep sometime around 12. Even though it was not very productive it was very pleasant! It's nice having Cody home and to be looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my family at Hume!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Tuesday!

The boys....
(We took a long walk in ventura looking for something to eat)
Mmm I love my life!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Lucas Blessing lol

God is good! Last night me and Cody met up with Bill and Rhonda Lucas for the first time. Bill is going to marry us! And he and his wife are taking us through pre marriage counseling. Cody has known Bill for a long time now and has had him investing in his life through its many stages:-) Last night was my first time really getting to be around either Bill or Rhonda and I came away more than impressed and excited! I feel like they have so much wisdom and advice to share and that its all solid! haha Honestly though I came away feeling encouraged and excited to have such an amazing couple willing to invest in me and Cody to make sure we go into our marriage as prepared as possible! Eeeeee I'm so excited!

On a side note, there is a small part of me that is ready to press the fast-forward button on this whole wedding and part of me that wishes I could pause everything for just a second and breath! ha I'm so excited to be Mrs. Mooney!