Friday, February 25, 2011

The Garage - Phase 1

Well as promised here are some pictures of our garage project!
We woke up later than I had planned on, took longer to get ready and to get started than I would have liked. However, we still managed to finish phase 1 :-) This first part of the project consisted of cleaning, organizing and trashing a ton of stuff that has been thrown in there since we moved here in September. But before I go into the details here are some rather scary pictures of the before...
Deep breaths everyone....

So yeah it was pretty bad. We started by pulling everything out into our yard and organizing it into categories, hunting, fishing, tools, camping, seasonal decoration, ect. Going through all the random boxes and trashing a ton of stuff that should have never moved with is in the first place. Heres another picture of our progress at this point.

At this point it started to snow on us! We were freezing but determined not to give up, so the work went on :-) as everything got organized outside, we started moving it back inside. All the seasonal stuff went up above on some shelfs that have been empty until now. Tools and the like to the right, hunting to the left and all codys garage door junk on the back wall. here are some after pictures...

Ok so it doesn't look that clean but it's only phase 1 remember? The boxes on the right up to the fridge are Erins and Dustins and will be moving with them on Tuesday. The stuff on the left from the ladder back is all codes hunting and fishing stuff, we have the shelfs to hang on the wall to get everything up off the floor and more organized but they go up in phase 2! The back wall is all stuff thats ebing taken away (except the tool box for his truck, we still have to find the right spot for that) Oh and those very ugly yellow crooked cabinets are empty and just need to be trashed as well. We waited to pull them down until we are taking a trip to the dump. But really all in all its sooooo much better don't you think!?!? We have three days off and phase 2 will at least be started along with some more interesting projects ;-) Since I know how much you all loved seeing our garage get clean!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's not just hitting at 20 weeks, but it sure is getting more intense! I lay awake in bed thinking about all the things I could do to the nursery, my bedroom, the bathroom, the front yard, the laundry room and yes even the garage! Im inspired by the simplest things and just bursting with ideas... and I love it <3

Tomorrow me and Cody get another day off together, (I know I'm spoiled rotten!) our plans are to organize and clean our garage -gasp- are we crazy??? Probably its rather beastly out there right now. But he is itching for a clean man space, and I have my own selfish motives of wanting a nice work space for all the DIY projects I have up my sleeves for the next couple months. So we are jumping in and getting that place cleaned up! I'll post before and afters for ya so you can be proud of us ;-P

I'm also putting together an idea board for the baby room and need to pick up some paint samples for the bathroom, man does that room need some personality! So other than my grown belly I don't have anything to exciting to post for you....
BUT I promise there is some fun stuff coming :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Mooney is a GIRL!!!

So we are just 3 days from being half way through our pregnancy! I cant believe we are already this far along. We went this morning to our ultrasound appointment and got to find out what sweet little thing we have been growing and its... a girl! I know your shocked seeing as I already blurted it in the title to this post ;-P I just couldnt contain my excitment I suppose.

Well we decided a couple weeks back to dish out the extra to see the paronatologist who could tell us everything she was seeing as she was seeing it. Not just the gender... I went back and forth on if it was worth it or not but after today I have no doubts it was the best choice :-) Our Dr was such a fun lady who talked us through every little thing she was looking for and at, explaining every measurement and picture she took. She was also extra persistent to get a 3d picture of babies face when she wouldn't stop holding her hands in her face! She sent us home with about 20 pictures and such a joy and peace about how wonderful our baby girl is doing! The whole experience was such a blessing to us!

Just had to share the news!