Friday, January 30, 2009


I could be a wedding planner! Ahhh hahah
thanks Tiffis

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have decided that I am going back to school. I'm not ready to have babies, and my job isn't doing much for me so... It's time to do something with myself:-) Heehee

So here is the choices I have, do I go back and continue towards the nursing career I started to pursue at Biola? This seems like a smart choice because its something I can do even when I want to be a stay at home mom. Honestly everything about this choice makes more since if I am going to do more school... It pays good. There are ALWAYS jobs available. And you can work part time and the hours are great! Haha so why wouldn't I do this? Because what I want to do is have a career in criminal justice.
Bah haha I know I know I'm crazy. When I was in high school my plan was to spend four years in the military as a pay load specialist (Just because it sounded interesting!) Than have them pay for me to go to school for a criminal justice degree to eventually work as a US Marshal....
My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, was not a fan of this plan. He didn't want me in the military or having a life long career. I agreed and still do. I think I will want to be a stay at home mom when the time comes. But until than this career path sounds the most appealing to me!

and honestly I'm not going to be a nurse if I'm a mom. I don't want to work if I'm a mom so to pursue that career only to not use it is just as dumb as this one except that I actually want to do it... If that makes since.

Maybe I should just save my money and not do either... sigh what to do what to do heehee

Monday, January 26, 2009

P.S. I Love You....

Last night me and Cody sat down to watch P.S. I Love You... we didn't get fifteen minutes into it before I was crying and he was convinced this movie couldn't be good, we stuck it out, and I fell in love. I don't know what it was that I loved so much about it. But here are a few of my speculations....
Their adorable relationship together. I like honest love, I like that she gets mad, I like that he storms out, I don't like Hollywood perfect relationships. And I love that they laugh together. I happen to have a very silly husband who keeps me laughing all the time:-) Its priceless...
Or maybe its her two crazy friends. All of them SO different, but with the closest friendships. I have two such amazing life long friends in my life and I laughed so hard at parts of this movie because you could have slipped us into their places and it would have totally fit.... I am blessed with wonderful friends:-)
Or maybe it was the good looking guys;-P heehee
Whatever it was I came away so thankful for four of the most amazing people in my life because of this movie. I think I might just watch it again tonight:-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oak, the trouble maker

Last month after having to put our sweet four year old chocolate lab Koa down, we bought a new puppy. We looked around and found the perfect little guy and brought him home with us. After a lot of thinking my husband named him Oak, its Koas name spelled differently:-) And here he is, our newest little guy!Since coming home he has proven to have a lot of spunk and attitude! He likes to pee in the house much better than outside. He also likes to walk while he pees;-P Heehee so its a pain to clean up the line of pee through the whole house! Little punk. He chews on everything and doesn't listen to his name at all. (Probably because we called him puppy for so long we even have a hard time remembering to call him Oak) He likes to bite us, and has the sharpest little teeth! But in spite of all these things he is such a sweet heart. He likes to cuddle, and be rocked to sleep on his back like a baby. He is best friends with Rizzo and they run through the house playing all day long.Last month Oak got very sick. We had to take him into an emergency clinic and they fed him charcoal because he had been poisoned with something. He recovered and we were very grateful! Last Friday when I came home my husband said he was sick again, we took him into the vet Saturday and they put him on antibiotics and kept him for 24 hours on IV fluids. He came home and stopped throwing up... as much. We babied him and tried to get him well but by Wednesday when he still wasn't gaining any of his lost weight back, and just laid all around the house sleeping all day, we took him back into the vet yesterday.They took x-rays and said he needed to go in for emergency surgery if he was going to live, and that they thought he had something in his intestines. We only had a few minutes to talk before we had to make a decision. We knew it was going to cost A LOT! But we went ahead and told them to do it. The canceled the rest of the appointments for the rest of the day and went into surgery. After hours they came out and showed us a sock they had pulled out of his intestines and stomach. Part of the string going through his intestine had caused laceration's in three places allowing fluid to seep into the stomach cavity. Thankfully not to much had gotten out or he would not have made it! He is staying at the vet for a couple days but is expected to make a full recovery! Yeeee

He should be home in a couple days, just in time to move into Codys parents house! We are spending a month or two there to get away from the neighbors, and to save rent money to pay off Oaks vet bills! Rizzo is sulking around waiting for puppy to come home, and we are so grateful that he will be okay! He is by far the most expensive thing we own! He has kept us busy and on our toes for sure, and all of this in just a month. Imagine the madness he could cause in the rest of his life! Lets pray he is done getting into trouble now and goes back to simply peeing on the floors:-)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Two

After our pretty walk down cannery row, we reached the aquarium!

I have gone here several times with my family and on school trips and I was so excited to be back. It was Codys first time which was exciting because I know how much he loves the ocean and all the crazy things living in it, so he was bound to love it:-)

We stopped to talk to a staff person to ask what the absolute perfect way was to see the aquarium and than fallowed his advice, as well as timed our day to make sure we would see some feedings!We had the greatest time taking everything in! We read all the little placks learning about the different animals and the bay. It was so fun and different to be there just the two of us getting to take everything in as "adults".

Cody took me out to lunch at the nice restaurant they have. It all tasted good and was a beautiful view where we could sit and watch the otters eating and playing right outside in the kelp. I will admit that I ordered a Margarita but... I took one sip and was done! And after that I decided that even though I am now allowed to drink I really shouldn't force myself to like it. If Im more happy with a diet coke than thats what Im going to drink, its cheaper and better for me haha.
My personal favorite was the bat rays. I have always liked them the most ever since I was a child. So the ornament I chose to remember this trip by was a bat ray:-) Cody liked the outer bay exhibit that had the huge sea bass and sturgeon's in it.After we had seen everything we stopped for some thrifties ice cream, which still exists up north, and than headed home. We had a great drive back talking about all the things we had learned and seen that day. The trip was a complete success and I would love to go back again some day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Well this past weekend my husband took me away on a wonderful trip for my 21st birthday. He has often heard about how Lilley birthdays last for the week surrounding it. He was dtermind to make this birthday just as special and he went above and beyond any birthday I have ever had! We left early Saturday morning and took the four and a half hour drive north. It was a gorgeous drive and we enjoyed the time we got to visit and just be together. We arrived around 11 and checked into our hotel before heading to the fishermans warf for a big bread bowl of clam chowder!But there was a sign saying warf parking, so we parked and fed the meter quite a lot, than realised we were at the wrong place... Ooops:-) So we walked down to the end anyways and found a hord of seals hanging out on the rocks. They had a fence up but you could reach right through and touch them! We watched the seals, and the divers for a while before heading over to the real warf:-)
We enjoyed a very yummy lunch after walking up and down sampling all the chowders to make sure we picked the right one. After lunch we walked the warf and stopped off at a candy shop for some salt water taffy before heading to cannery row.we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and walking through the tide pools. It was so fun and relaxing just being together. I love days like that!
We went back to the hotel and cleaned up before heading to dinner at the sardine factory (suggested by the hotel staff and promised not to be to expensive) it was a gorgeous restraunt. the room we sat in was a big glass dome and very romantic, but in the end it was one of the smallest most expensive meals we had ever had... But it was a fun experiance and we met a really nice old couple sitting next to us who entertained us with talk about fur coats and if you should wear them or not (I personaly vote yes! Kill the animals bah haha kidding!) we headed to the movie theater after this only to find out EVERYTHING was sold out until 10pm that night! So we walked over to the mall, and it was closed. So if you ever go to Monterey, know everything closes at 7 even on a Saturday night. We stopped at rite aid and bought battle ship and some cards and spent the rest of the evening back at the hotel:-)
The next morning we slept in! After we got up we took a nice walk down cannery row and enjoyed the sun before going to the aquarium:-) But this is a long post already so I will post about that tomorrow:-)
I'm pretty sure I married the greatest guy ever!

Catching Up

On some missed events...

Lets start with Christmas.

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE my family and thik they are the coolest thing ever;-) I cherish all the time I get with them and think that every character that is a part of, and has been added to our family is simply perfect! So instead of going on and on about Christmas I am just going to say

It was magical

and let the pictures say the rest. So here is my lovely family in A LOT of pictures from our Christmas vacation home. I love you guys

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 amazing months!

As of yesterday I have been married to my sweet husband for four months!

I used to hear of people waiting fie years to have kids and couldn't understand why. With how fast the time is flying by for us I completely understand! We have had the best four months getting to enjoy so many fun exciting things together. I am so excited about the rest of my life with this incredible man!
Happy Four Months To Us!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pros and cons

It's been a while since I have done one of these so here it goes.

Pros -
- Obveously it's my birthday which is swell
- Today I have been married for four months! Yeah I love married life
- Im off in 15 minutes
- I get to spend another wonderful evening with my husband
- I get to go away to Monterey this weekend with Cody
- I got some CUTE new cloths!
- I have wonderful friends!

- Yesterday I got to see one of my least favorite people ever.
But, thankfully I was in such a great mood even she couldn't wreck my day:-)
- I have three days left of work
- My hubby is sick:-( Boo
- My foot is swollen but what else is new teehee
- I could use a new phone mine is ending its life
- I don't want to clean but I want a clean house bah haha

in conclusion my life is GREAT my pros are a million times better than my cons and no one can bring me down:-)