Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well Cody flew to California this morning for a short visit, if you can call it that. He is there to take the entrance exam for UCLAs Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program! And he just loves taking tests so he was really excited to go... not. Anyways you might be thinking well that schools in California and you live in Colorado, how does that work? We are asking ourselves the same thing :-D

Kidding, in reality we have been thinking through, praying through and planning through what getting excepted into this school would mean. For us it would mean moving back to Cali for around nine months. We would live with Cody's parents and than come back home when he graduates! Whew makes me tired just thinking about it :-) But we really have felt lead to pursue this opportunity. There is still the test that needs to be passed, and an interview to get in that stand in front of the ultimate choice being made but we are moving towards that goal.

We still are praying about all of it and even if he does get in we will have to make the final call to pick up our lives and our first year with baby girl and move it to Cali, but we are excited to see Gods plan and what he is teaching us through this.

All of that to say Cody will be taking his test at 8 tomorrow morning (Yep thats Thursday) And we would love all your prayers. It's a five hour test and no one likes those :-P Thanks ahead of time and I'll let you know if we are moving to the west coast again!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Pregnancy Facts!

I thought I would share what being pregnant has been like for me, and for us :-) So here are some facts!
(I stole some of these from Jimaie... shah don't tell)

How We Found Out:
I took a test I was so sure was negative that I took a shower without even looking, man did I get a surprise when I leaned over with my mascara in hand and so the word "Pregnant" on that little screen!
Cody was laying in the ER hooked up to all kinds of heart machines when I blurted the news! He took it very well :-)

How I Have Been Feeling:
I did get the joy of morning sickness from week 6-12. But it wasn't so bad :-) And this past week I have found out that I get car sick... yep out of the blue! Other than that I feel amazing! I love being pregnant and am so thankful to be missing out on all the other pregnancy symptoms I have been reading about.

How I Am Looking:
No stretch marks yet! Trying to keep the bump nice and moisturized but it's just so gal darn dry around here these days :-/ I itch lol. Im still in all my regular clothes (A few of them call for the hair band trick these days) I honestly feel like Im the same except for that darling bump of a baby :-) This could be my pregnant brain just forgetting what I looked like before though

How The Baby Is Doing:
She is amazing! Little thing is on a schedule already :-) Like clock work she wakes up around 11 and wiggles until 12 or 12:30 every night! I love it right now but I'm pretty sure it's going to have to change when she makes an appearance. She is a foot long and weighs about 2 pounds! So far everything looks great from what the doctors say and we are just loving her to pieces. She can be a bit stubborn and likes to stop moving when Cody touches her :-P I think its sweet.

How We Are Feeling About Delivery:
I know thats kinda a funny one but it's our first time! It's weird but Im kinda excited. We are shooting for an all natural birthing plan, ok Im shooting for one, Cody told me he wouldn't do it and would insist on a c-section... oh the support of a husband :-) I'm also looking forward to everyone delivering me orange julius' from the new one that just opened next to the hospital, they are one of my favorite things and I'll take a good excuse to have more than my share!

What I'm Missing:
Beer, and thats so dumb because I didn't have beer all that often when I could have it but oh man does it sound soooo good these days :-)

What I'm Craving:
Nothing weird I just get stuck on things, orange juice, chocolate milk, cheese and mustard sandwiches, avocados, organ blackberry shakes, peanut butter,citrus fruits and meat... they have all had their times so far in my pregnancy :-)

What I Don't Want:
McDonalds :-/ yack and now panda express...

and for now thats it :-)
Just some random facts about whats going on in this belly, my head and our home!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Husbands & Hefty Cups

Sometimes I allow all the distractions of life take over my mind and heart and I focus on all the things that "matter so much but mean so little. I have decided that my biggest fault is thinking that I have a right to vent my feelings to those closest to me. Rather than clear my mind and heart of the frustration that I am feeling it feeds my emotions and keeps my focus on things un true and pure. So instead of sharing the little things in life that aren't going "my way" today I thought I'd share some of the amazing things that are happening in my life. I have an amazing God of grace and love who has showered me with so many blessings I don't deserve. Let me share just a few...

This man is by far the most amazing part of my life <3 He makes me laugh daily and fills my heart with so much joy. He understands me and the ways that I need him, and gives so freely of himself to see me happy. He is my best friend and the greatest man I know. He makes me proud to be his wife and puts his whole heart into everything. I couldn't ask for a more devoted and considerate man to give my life to.

How can something so close to me still feel so far away? She is teaching me new things all the time about life and God and she hasn't even made an appearance yet! I am so excited to have this new unexpected cutie in our lives. I know she has so much more to teach me through both the joyful and the trying times of being a parent. I never expected to enjoy being pregnant half as much as I have. Ever day I feel a new kind of joy and thankfulness for this amazing opportunity. Im so glad that God knows what we need and when we need it because I never would have taken this on of my own accord and yet I wouldn't give it up for anything :-) What an unexpected blessing.

I know dogs really??? These boys bring me so much laughter and joy on a daily basis. They also love to cuddle and love on me which is amazingly priceless when your an emotional pregnant woman who's husband occasionally works 130 hour work weeks! If everyone could love as unconditionally as dogs the world would be a much better place. Even when my pregnant brain forgets to feed them (woops!) they still climb into my lap, lay their heads on my belly and shake their heads confused when baby girl gives them a decent kick :-) They are always happy to see me and have so much fun personality. I love my boys <3

Chocolate Milk! Hahaha such a great one :-) I haven't had any weird cravings, just consistent ones. I cant ever get enough milk, but since I don't like milk the chocolate saves me ;-P I am grateful that we not only have everything we need but also enough for silly things like chocolate milk cravings. I'm thankful for a tasy beverage that makes me feel better every time I dink a giant glass <3

Spring time... I have never thought of spring as my favorite season, but this year its such a welcome blessing. We have had a mellow winter around these parts and I wasn't even feeling done with it. However, these sunny days and warm weather have been like healing for my heart that I have allowed to get so heavy with the little things that don't matter. Im enjoying the promise of a new day that spring seems to whisper to us. There is something so great just around the corner and it isn't just summer :-)

Yellow Hefty Cups teehee. This goes back to the amazing man in my life and spring time I think. I love that I have a husband who knows that picking the yellow over the red will bring me extra joy because I love everything seasonal and am enjoying spring more than normal and all the brightness and yep you guessed it... JOY that it seems to bring. These yellow hefty cups are even making my milk cravings more enjoyable ;-P And no this isn't a stretch for something else to be thankful for. these darn cups really do make me happy every time I reach for one in the cabinet.

Lastly I am so thankful and excited to be looking forward to three days of with Cody <3 Although he has some tests to study for its going to be so nice to be abl to enjoy being together, and celebrating his wonderful life since its his birthday this week! Im so grateful for another amazing year with this amazing man.

Life is good <3

The Bathroom...

Well its official, the nesting is here to stay! Since cleaning the garage a couple weeks back I have been rolling forward full steam on getting the rest of our house in order. Since we only lived in our home for a month before getting pregnant with sweetness the first couple months didn't see much in the way of progress around here seeing as I was much more content to sit on the couch than clean or unpack. So for starters heres our bathroom...

I have better before pictures some place but cant find them so here are a few I snapped when the project was just getting started.

Note the lovely paint all over the cabinets and yep that was our light fixture leaning against the counter, the light bulbs used to just hang out of it because the insides was broke :-) Classy!

See its just eww and blah! Their was paint all over the shower tiles, the cocking around the tub was, well not nice and when patching holes in the walls they had actually created mountains with putty. It took talent to do this kind of work!

Naturally we started by sanding, re texturing the crazy walls...

Ok well maybe husband did all that :-) I took a razor blade to the tiles, the mirror, the window and even the cabinets to get the remaining pink and teal paint off of everything! Than it was on to the painting! I had the hardest time deciding on a color for some reason, and in the end its even more blue than I expected

See our new light fixture! The cabinets are not staying either we just haven't found the right ones at the right price yet and for now these do the job. The mirror as you can see is fine except for along the edges so we decided to just frame it ourselves... but before we could get to that project the darn thing decided to fall off the wall when Edward was taking a shower and shatter into a million pieces! We wont be reframing it any more :-/

New cabinet :-) The new vanity will be black as well and Cody has been working on taking some beautiful nature photos that we are going to print in black and whites to hang on the walls <3

And organization!!!! This makes me almost as excited as the new paint, clean tiles and evenly textured walls :-) I love that I know right where everything in my house is, its pure bliss!

Anyways.... thats the bathroom for now but stay tuned for the new vanity and mirror (you should see the lovely one from our bedroom thats leaning on the counter right now)