Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had a small 3x5 I support McCain on my bulletin board at work (Given to me by my boss;-). This is not visible to anyone besides me unless they come around and sit in my chair since I sit with my back to a wall. This morning I came in and in large red letters someone had written "F#$@ THAT!" across it... Now I'm not going to jump to conclusion's of who did this but I am going to say that whoever did do it has NO respect or self control. I mean honestly good grief! One why are you snooping through my desk, two are you eight!?!

Posted in its place now is this quote...
"This is the final test of a gentleman: his respect for those who can be of NO possible service to him."

I hope he comes snooping again soon....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mixed Emotions

This weekend we are flying out to Colorado so Cody can test for the fire department. It is bringing out the weirdest mix of emotions in me!

1 - Excitement, I'm always excited to go places. But I'm excited about this potentially working out and having the huge adventure of moving to Colorado and starting our life there!

2 - Fear, Colorado is not the closest place. It's different and in the fire department often times you stay in the same place so it's a pretty long term commitment!

3 - Frustration, because I hate waiting to find out if this is another process that will end without a job or if we could really move there!

4 - Confusion, at the very mixed emotions.

At our stage of life your working towards something. A career, a family, a home. Whatever it is the thought of achieving that goal is exciting and scary. It's like graduating from college, exciting to accomplish and finish but scary to go out and actually have to do it now! This place could be our home. The place we buy our first house, have and raise our children and live our life out together. On the other hand he could take this test and not pass and we would never think about it again. I guess its best to not even think about it happening until later on in the process but with it being so far away and such a huge change it's hard not to! So what do I do with these emotions

I keep being patient and trusting that God will place us in the perfect place. So I don't have to worry if its the right place or if we can do it or not. It will happen when it's the right time and the right department, until than I should focus on being content where I am at because it's obviously where he wants us until further notice...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

There sure is a lot! So I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Rant

First lets get one thing straight. McCain is NOT my man. I don’t find either candident impressive enough to want take such a stance. It makes me sad that these two men are the “BEST” that America could bring forward. So yes, I am voting for McCain and if he were to become president I would be MUCH more pleased than if Obama was president but not even McCain would be my first choice.

Now that we have that cleared up let me complain about some more dumb arguments that came forth after last nights debates.

#1 He is such a nice guy – Are you kidding me? Nice doesn’t lead a country. Nice doesn’t have what it takes to make the differences needed. Obama, nice enough to sit down face to face with terrorists. The very people who are killing your sons and daughters who are defending our country! (Which you some how blame Bush for. Remember when America was proud of making a difference!) Can you stand behind a man who sits down and talks with these men? Who wants to find a way to end this peacefully? Do your research people and you will know the only way that will happen is if we, America, become extreme Muslims, like all the countries they dictate over and that we apparently shouldn’t be defending. Are you willing to give up all your freedom to end this “peacefully?”

#2 Lets talk about your freedom. Freedom of choice. You deserve the freedom to decide whether you keep or kill your unborn children? Obama supports this. And yet McCain, the man who believes that in these situations the only right a woman has is to be responsible for her actions, is the mean one. How mean is he to protect the lives of these helpless children? But Obama is not mean to support the death of innocent children just because you have no self control? Please!

#3 And yet your willing to give up your freedom! – You are going to support a man who wants the government to now be in charge of your health insurance plans as well? Yes he says you can stay on the plan your on already. But what about the rest of you who are not on a plan because you cant offered it? The government health insurance is not going to be handed to you. Instead your going to be fined the money you don’t have, because if you did, you would have had health insurance in the first place!

#4 “Sometimes less is more, fewer words mean more.” – These words spoken from a Obama lover is just laughable! The only thing this man truly excels at is spewing words none stop until your so dazed by the fact that yes he is still talking! That you think he must be saying something good. Just because he sounds smart doesn’t make it so. The only thing it does prove is that your political interest and involvement only goes as far as the liberal media explains it for you. Sadly your going to make your choices of these people opinions, never really forming ones of your own.

#5 My very last point (for today;-) – It’s very sad that for being “So in to politics” you have not learned that politicians lie! Just because Obama says it about McCain does not make it so! You listen to what Obama says and never look for yourself. It’s easy to say he voted 400,000 times for a tax increase but how can you trust him. Or for him to say every one of his adds is negative. Perhaps he is concerned and wants to bring attention to McCains negativity rather than his own. I hear more about the problems than the solutions! He has ideas sure but what is he doing for change? His biggest point against McCain is that he is Bush (Which I believe after last nights debate he wont make the mistake of again;-) Not even that is true! But you wouldn’t know because you don’t know anything except what Obama says. It’s really sad and pathetic.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagged...7 Random Facts

I was tagged, so here is seven random facts about myself!
1 - I never lock my house when I leave. So feel free to rob me;-)
2 - I dont listen to music when I clean or cook, I listen to FRIENDS!
3 - Fall is my favorite season for it's wheather, pumkin ice cream, pumkin spice lattes and the colors!
4 - I'v recently found out I'm okay with being the girl who tucks her Paul Mitchell hair under her John Deere capHides Victoria's Secret under those jeans...I just want to be me!
5 - I like baking a million times more than cooking
6 - I have a thing for straws...a BIG thing:-)
7 - I wish I was a boy so I could take ten showers a day and not have to get ready ten times! teehee

so there you have it 7 randome facts about me!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pro / Con

- There is weather! It's actually feeling like fall!
- I have an amazing little family of four:-)
- Kevin & Robin gave us their flat screen TV!
- I have yummy hot drink this morning
- I just spent an amazing weekend home

- My puppy has a swollen face & has to be taken to the vet
- someone has an attitude problem right now...:-(
- Fires are causing some stress in my life
- I'm worried...I know it's not good to worry but I am right now
- I just want to sleep

Apparently I am emotionally drained today....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Freezing Cold Hume!

Well I have spent the last couple months just pineing for fall wheather. I practically turn on the fans so I can sit with a blanket and read, pathetic. This past weekend we went to Hume for a visit! We took Erin & Dustin with us, but the big addition was our two puppies! (Not both ours, we have a new puppy and so does Erin!)

It made for the most interesting ride there and back but was well worth it! Our dog Rizzo is actually several weeks younger than Erins puppy who is the smaller of the two:-) We couldnt hardly believ it. I quickly realived just how big our puppy is going to be!

We spent the weekend relaxing and going on big adventures! On Saturday we took a lovely walk around princess medow. Than Sunday we braved sunshine mountain! Actually the boys braved it when the ran down the hill through the woods back home, while us girls took the car;-P (Dusty even ran into a tree!)

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, napping, visiting and playing wii fit:-) Moat of us finding out our wii age is pathetically old! It was so good to be home and with my family. I have adjusted to being away from them, but there is still nothing like being home! I have to have the greatest family that ever lived.

P.S. This has to be the most horrific photo of me ever...But I just wanted to show you what I looked like when I woke up Saturday morning! My lip was huge! So big that when I took a drink everything just splilled out of my mouth because i couldnt get my lips closed:-) teehee it was rather comical and thankfully went away a couple hours later.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain is THE man!

I know this is a lame topic to end my long abcense from my blog but I was inspired. (Actually more peeved but whatever)

Okay honestly I have not watched every debate or all of last nights debate. However due to some co workers who will NOT get out of my face whining and crying about how McCain was an embarrassment and Obama is the man. "McCain makes their skin crawl" "it was a land slide", pathetic blah blah blah… Now in general I am not one to argue with you or try to change their minds (I do wish they could sit down and have a long conversation with my father at which point the would crawl away crying and apologizing for ever considering Obama. My dad is the king of persuasion!) But I have had it up to here with these people and their stupid complaints. Want to hear the top four reasons this young gentleman just quoted to me for not wanting McCain?

1 – The man can’t raise his arms above his head
2 – He is sure to die than Palin will be President
3 – I don’t like listening to him talk
4 – It’s just more of the same as the last 8 years.

First of all last time I checked the president doesn’t need to reach above his head because when he is president even you would get things off the top shelf for him. Secondly the man is not going to die tomorrow, and shouldn’t you be more concerned about having a president who has no experience than having one who has so much experience that yes his hair is gray?. Third, Who cares who can talk the best! Who can lead and who has the record to prove it? CLEARLY it is McCain! Obama has zero leadership experience, that doesn’t scare you!?! It doesn’t scare you that his own running mate has said he isn’t ready to be president?

Lastly Obamas continues to try and make McCain into Bush (Which if it where true isn’t a bad thing in my opinion). If you actually look at the facts for yourself, rather than taking the word of ANY politician, McCain has proven his love and commitment for his country and comes with a “heck of a” lot of experience;-) While Obama is still wet behind the ears! He says he is not going to raise the taxes of all but the rich (His standard of what rich is, is a whole nother topic!). How is he planning on paying for his national Healthcare Plan? Or the bailout? How is he going to pay for the free college education that every American deserves in his book? In my opinion, which really isn’t worth much I’m just blowing off steam here Obama is exactly what we can not afford. And for my very last thought, Obama wants to “Hand” things to the Americans, whether it is free college education or his health insurance plan and people are voting for this. What I want to know is what happened to the pride of America? When people worked for things and took pride in themselves? I understand that more taxes is not something to be proud of, but choosing the right man to run this country so that he is making decisions that we Americans can stand behind is!

P.S. Telling me it makes you scared to think what will happen if McCain is president is not a slap in anyone’s face because the other half of America is saying the same thing about your sweet Obama! Just shut up! Come back when you have some good.... By that time though you wont be able to lift your arms above your head so apperantly you as a person wont be good enough to even listen too;-).