Friday, December 18, 2009

I miss...

I miss decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving and eating chilidogs.
I miss mom and dad telling us Christmas will be small this year (ever year) and it never mattering (cause it wasn’t ever true) and because our family is what makes holidays at the Lilley’s so great.
I miss having all our friends over to play poker, or Evan and Tiffany over for long conversations in front of the fire.
I miss Christmas’ in the snow, around the fire with my family building puzzles.
I miss Erin waking us all up at 4 to open gifts.
I miss breakfast in the toe of our stockings.
I miss dad reading the Christmas story.
I miss snack foods and hot drinks, or chips and salsa and diet coke in a cup with a straw.
I miss sledding down the hill outside our house.
I miss listening to mom laugh at the Grinch… every time!
I miss my family
I miss being a kid….

I love being a Lilley <3