Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being A Mommy

I know that our experience as parents has just begun, and that we have so much more to learn, but over the past 10 months our lives have been abundantly blessed. Me & Cody have both always loved children and looked forward to the time when they would one day be our own, i believe that we went into this with a pretty good idea of what being a parent would do to our lives, but it has exceeded our wildest expectation. I can't even express the kind of joy and love that comes with having a child, not only my love for Willow, but for my husband & the Lord. The clearest way I think it can be explained is truly deep down understanding the meaning of unconditional love like never before.
I have also been fortunate enough to get to be a full time stay at home mom. (A huge thanks to EVERYONE who has made this dream come true for me!) This has been a HUGE answer to our needs for this stage of life even without being a mom, but its made being a mom so much fun. I love getting to get up every morning and play and cuddle with my girl, its my favorite part of the day. We have loved watching her grow more into her little personality every day and reach new mile stones along the way. She makes everything more fun to experience as a family.
So what has been different about being a mom then I thought it would be? Two major things stick out to me. One, its not as hard as people said it would be, not to say there isn't challenges to being a mom. However, for us at our stage of life it was the perfect thing for us and as much as it was an adjustment it was a wonderful one. Two, there is no one universally right way to parent. I thought I knew this before, and even now I still catch myself judging other moms, but I know that just because you think its the right way doesn't mean it actually works. We do all kinds of things I wasn't ever going to do and dont do plenty of things we planned on.
Im so thankful that the Lord has perfect timing for ALL THINGS in our lives. Our little girl was a surprise that we weren't sure we were ready for but now that she is here we see Gods hands all over her and our lives and have no fear to welcome our second little love bug this July because He works all things to the glory of His plan. If all babies are as big a blessing as she has been to us I'm not sure we will ever stop ;-) I love being a mom....