Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's the little big things...

Well nothing and everything has changed in my life since I last posted. My husband is still the greatest joy and blessing in my life. The Lilleys are in the midst of more changes, and life never seems to slow down long enough to be boring!

We are just wrapping up our first month in our very own home! I know I know where are the pictures right? Here's my plan, if I dont post them maybe it will make you come visit me sooner so you can see it in person! We have a guest room waiting... ;-) It's more house and more wonderful than I could ever have imagined, or any of the others we looked at (and trust me we looked at a lot!) We now live in the lovely town of loveland and while it's a little farther away from the friends we have made in Longmont, I really love this town!
Currently all the beautiful aspen trees are changing to gorgeous fall colors and every day seems to be just a little bit cooler and crisper than the last. Summer has come to an end but our lives haven't slown down with it. It's either projects on the house, visitors, trips or just relaxing days like today spent exlporing rocky mountain national park, life is full :-)
And surprisingly enough our house is almost just as full! In July my sister Erin and her husband Dustin moved in with us along with the ever cute Mr. Talon. They live in the basement along with my brother Edward who just moved out this week! There is never a dull moment in our house with everyone hustling and bustling about their lives and I love it! I know I like to talk about how wonderful my husband is but let me just say it again. How many men let their wives families move in with them and like it? Mine does!!!! He has been so sweet to let us share our wonderful blessings with others, you would think I'd be used to how great he is by now :-P
Other than thats it's just a lot of work and life happening around here. Things flip upside down, and than back around but God never fails to provide and give us exactly what we need (another big surprise right?) our next exciting thing is having my parents come and visit! We will be able to celebrate Edward, Talon, and moms birthday while they are here and they will finally get to see where we live :-) After that it's into the holidays, my very favorite time of year <3 So until next time... miss us and know that life is busy here but never to busy for you if you care to come for a visit in our beautiful state, we would LOVE to have you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Heavy hearted...

Tonight I'm sitting in my own darling little old home, with candles burning, soft music playing and fresh cookies to eat. My life is filled with so many blessings I cant even count. Yet some how a heaviness has settled in on my heart and I don't know that I can even explain why.

Rather then focusing on the heaviness I would rather tell you about the thing that stands out as my truest joy no matter how heavy, how cold or how overwhelmed I might feel. My HUSBAND <3

What makes that man so amazing? How can he make me melt with a simple touch, or cry from laughing when I'm sad? He seems to know just what I need or don't need, and he honestly cares for me better then I could ever deserve. I'm pleased to say that I am completely and hopelessly not only in love with, but committed to my man.

I honestly believe that if you decide to you can love, be loved and be happy with (almost) anyone. Perhaps its my dads voice in my head telling my that if only one person is completely selfless it can work ;-) I know that I once considered loving someone by choice alone, I thank God daily that I didn't make that mistake. I live my days unable to help but too love him. Yes there are moments, and maybe some day even days when I have and will have to chose to love my man. I am confident however, that the days filled with a very pure and true kind of love makes and will make those days so much easier to face.

Yesterday he turned 23. Not really old at all right? Well that means that I have spent 10 amazing years loving this man, even when it hurt like hell to do so. I laid in bed last night feeling him breath next to me and begged God for another ten... I suppose the last line might sum up the heavy hearted feeling. How many people don't get even the first ten years with the love of their lives? I know a few...

I guess that as much as I do miss my family and friends, I am feeling so overwhelmed at where I am, who I;m with and all that I have. I strive to live for a might God and he showers me with more blessings then I know what to do with, and love is the greatest one of all....

Monday, February 15, 2010

I will be back!

Very very soon I will post pictures of the new house, the new life and the Rado (Husbands Colorado word;-) Just checking to see if there is any one out there who even cares... haha