Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slowing Down, Or Speeding Up!?!?

Me and Willow at seven months

Well Willow is due to arrive in six weeks! I don't know where all the time has gone from when we found out that she had been growing for six weeks! The past months have been busy and filled with all kinds of new life happenings for us, and little down time for me (note the lack in blogging). And while I'm still not sure when my time to be a stay at home mommy will actually be here, we all know it's very very soon! I am so excited for the chance to enjoy every moment of this new stage of life, but I'm also grateful we still have some time left....

Cody is busy moving towards going to medic school in the fall, either here or maybe in California (I'll give you the details if and when that happens) this has suddenly dropped a huge list of to dos on our plate what with figuring out financial aid and part time work ect. Willows room still needs a new window, light fixture and her furniture needs to be painted. My own list of things extends way beyond this, but when I really stop and think only a few HAVE to be done before she arrives :-) So while we are getting more and more excited with every day, I know that we will need every moment to make things fall into place.

So in ways I feel like things are going to be slowing down to the arrival of the baby, but is it only so they can speed up when she gets here? Who is to say what kind of mom I will be, in two months I might be a crazy person, or you might be seeing a lot more of us on here :-) Either way we are feeling blessed and excited for this next new stage of life!