Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Date Night

It's funny how you get engaged and its the most romantic time of your life stop dating! We decided we are not okay with that and went out on a date night on Monday when Cody was off. It was nice to sit and visit over dinner and than run some non wedding errands. I think I have been pretty good about keeping a balance with wedding thigns and real life:-) But it was a wonderful relaxing evening anyways. We ended up in the back yard planning on looking at stars and visiting some more but woke up a couple hours later freezing! I love nights like this when we just get t be us and look forward to a million more for the rest of our lives!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dress Shopping!

It's amazing how quickly the time goes! I remember think Oh I have a lot of time to figure out bridesmaid dresses...well the time has already come! This last Saturday I went with all my beautiful bridesmaids to Aria to have them fitted and order their dresses! Randi was the only girl in the wedding that wasn't able to make it so we will be going out this weekend to have her fitted!

After looking around and finding Aria online and now seeing all the girls in the dresses I feel so blessed that we found them! The dresses are gorgeous and look beautiful on every girl. I really wanted all my girls to feel beautiful and comfortable on my wedding day. I think these dresses did that and just being with everyone as they took turns trying on was so much fun! I love all these girls and am so blessed to have them in my life!
After everyone had found the right fit for them we headed off to the Cheese Cake Factory for a yummy dinner and fun girl time (Flying Gorrillas!) haha Like the rest of the day this was amazing too because all these girls that mean something to me got to hang out and get to know eachother better! I think everyone really enjoyed themselfs and I certainly did!
So the day was great and the dresses were better than i thought they would be! Everyone made it which was amazing! And I got a beautiful day with the girls.

Homey Things...

We made our very first purchase for our new home! You might be surprised but it was completely Cody's doing. When ever he is wanting to do something nice for me we go shopping. I don’t even have to buy anything I just love walking through the mall and looking and dreaming! Anthropology is always one of my longest stops and I don’t think Cody minds he seems as entertained as I am. The last few times we went he loved these bright green stackable mugs and this last time we went they were on sale! He got so excited and bought four of them. (He is really into mixing and matching things so he doesn’t have to pick just one he likes) So here is the very first item we ever bought for our new home! That we don’t even have...haha

We both love green so not too long after that I decided to start a collection of Anthros green glass juice cups! They have about eight differant styles and I simply adore each of them! So I have started buying one here and another there so I dont have to spend a bunch at one time. These are the first two glasses of our collection. It makes me excited about our home and the bright hapy color makes me want to just look at them constantly haha.
We Love Green Things!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wedding Day (Day Three)

Well it was the day of the wedding! At this point I have not seen Cody much because he disapeared off with the man shortly after we got there and they spent hours playing Frisbee Golf which they call frolf in ND. There was several last minute things to be done and we spent the morning running around getting the cakes and finishing the flowers and picking up Chris from the airport so he could take the wedding pictures. Here is a picture of the girls flowers its not in color but it gives you an idea of what I did:-)

Like most weddings we ran until the very last minute but when we were seated and the wedding started everything went beautifully! The wedding was very pretty and the kids were obveously very excited to finally be getting married! After the ceramony they had a nice cake reception and than we headed out to the military base (Her dad is in the military) for a gorgeous dinner reception! It was a crowed of about 200 and a perfect party!
Dinner was amazing and after that everyone danced and partied all night long! The wedding was at 3:30 and we all left the reception at midnight! I couldnt believe it. It was fun t watch Cameron and Julie dance they both have a lot of attitude on the dance floor haha. The guys played musical chairs for the garter which was somethign fun and differant!
in the middle of the reception Aaron and his wedding party surprised Carissa with an amazing dance that Cameron helped everyone learn in the two days befor the wedding. It really was a hugue highlight of the evening and had everyone laughing. The night was beautiful and so much fun. Congrratulations Aaron and Carissa Mooney!
Here are just a few more pictures of the evening and everyone enjoying themselfs so much!

Day Two of North Dakota

The next morning we woke up and grandpa took all us kids staying at the hotel (Me, Jordan, Julie and daniell) To breakfast at the hotel restraunt. It was very yummy! We headed back to the house and all the girls headed to the church to decorate for the wedding. Carloses sisters came along and were a huge help nd such a fun blessing to have working with us. The chapel came together nicely and I think the family was happy with it:-) After that me and Grandma worked oon getting all the flowers ready! It was a fun challange, I had forgot how fun it is to work with flowers! I felt like everything came together nicely (Inspite of the fact I accidently froze the bouteniers...shhh)

This is me and Danny running around the day before the wedding getting everything ready!

That night they had the rehearsal and than a very nice rehearsal dinner at a chinese restraunt. Me and Cody got to sit with the bride and groom, her dad and the man who married them! It was very fun to get to visit with them some. This is a picture f the cute couple!

It was another late night. I actually made it back the the hotel before the other three girls. I dont know how they stayed out so late! I would have died.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day One of North Dakota

Hello Friends - This past week me and Cody went on a trip to North Dakota for his cousin Aarons wedding. It was amazing and crazy! I am so thankful we got this oppertunity because it really gave me a chance to get to know this side of his family who I dont get to be around often. Every day was busy and packed and so I am planning on just blogging about it a day at a time!

We traveled with Codys Grandpa (Grandma had gone ahead a week early) Codys brother Cameron and the boys other cousin Jessica along with her boyfriend Nick. Our flight was at midnight out of LAX so the night before was crazy in its self meating up and taking the fly away out to the airport! The picture in the first post is me and Cody ready to embark on our week away! We have both flown before but this was our first time together so I felt it was worthy of a picture

We arrived five hours later in Minneapolis. Naturaly the gate we arrived at, and the gate for our next flight were on compleatly opposite ends of the airport. And when I say ends mean ends! There was only one more gate past ours and nothing else! We had three hours to wait until our next flight but we passed the time quickly. Cody took a wheel chair and rolled around the airport, we had breakfast sandwhiches from Quiznos (disapointing a bit I must say I wish has gotten pizza instead!) After that I thought I needed a coffee so we headed back the direction we had came in search of a starbucks. We quickly found out that the closest one was about ten gates down and decided to give another coffee place a try...MISTAKE! Not only did it cost us $6 it tasted like dirt. I got over it and we bordered the smallest plane I have ever been on and made the last leg of the journy into Grand Forks North dakota!

We loaded up the van and went back to Malissas appartment. We maybe got ten minutes there before we split our differant ways to start a week that never stopped! Cameron headed into fargo to pick up his suit with the guys and me and Cody went with Grandpa and Carlose (Aarons dad) for a tour of Grand Forks and a stop at Cabelas. We had hoped it would be bigger than BPS and wasn't at all. There was a larger variety of stuffed animals though! Cody bought a animal call (which he left in ND) And I found a fishing vest that I liked better than most I have seen but didn't buy. I will probably regret that when we start fishing soon and I dont have a cool vest to wear.

That night the boys headed off to Aarons party and I went to the dollar theater with Jordan and Jessica to see Juno. I was very sleepy but enjoyed it just as much as the first time and had to laugh at how wkword it made jessica feel (She dislikes babies and everything to do with them apparently) The party didnt go to well so after that we picked up the boys and went to Applebees. About three hours later after the slowest service ever we all went home and fell fast asleep!

Welcoming Us!

I started a blog a couple months ago and enjoyed it until photobucket changed their format and I cant seem to get my pictures onto my other blog no matter how hard I try! I spent hours and finally just gave up and gave in to blog spot! My mom, sister and sister inlaw both have one and tell me its extreamly easy. And so you have why I have created a new blog.

As you can tell it says the Mooney's and the webpage is usmooneys. That is because in exactly 4 months 1 week and 5 days I will be getting married to my best friend Cody James Mooney. My life is already all about us and as we start life together I want to blog all about it and keep all my amazing family updated on our lives. I love reading everyone elses so much! So rather than name it for me thn get married I decided I would jump the gun a little and start out with it beiing about the Mooneys despite the fact I am a Mooney in the making and dont deserve that title just yet!