Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh Start...

Alright.... I am back for reals this time!!!!

I know we posted about our new home but I thought I would share just a little bit more with you ;-) Here is our ranch style home in the fall when we moved in! Now it may not look like much to you now, but to me it looks like a ton of potential... You should see the before pictures of the trees, no joke you couldn't even see our house hiding behind it until Cody and Hunter went to work around MIDNIGHT with spotlights and all :-)

It feels huge to us with its five bedrooms, two baths and two livingrooms! But the space has already been put to good use as stated in my earlier post, both my sister and her family and my brother have been living with us. The projects that have been done are already a long list and I will be posting more with before and after pictures of what we have done as the weeks go on. We are so excited about all the projects that will happen in this house over the years making it ours. It's so much house for us but we know the space will always be put to good use.

We are already getting ready to move the guest bedroom to the basement to make room upstairs for this little thing! Yep yet another change in our lives, this year has been full of BIG ones!!! For being something so un planned and un expected we couldn't be more thrilled about this new turn in our lives. After we freaked out a little bit of course :-) I actually blurted the news to Cody when he was lying in the ER! very smooth on my part... Now we are four months into a great pregnancy with healthy baby and just praying for more of the same <3>

So for the year 2010 we picked up and moved to another state all by ourselves and LOVE it. Had family move in with us. Bought our first home, and started our family! Through it all we have been so blessed to have a God who knows better than us, and has more than once shut a door we were more than ready to leap through so that he could carry us through an even better one.
One of the many blessings was our amazing families and all there wonderful love and support through this year. If there is anything I miss about life before Colorado its being closer to family and old friends <3>

Lastly I am actually back to blogging because over the past few months I have been gifted all the amazing tools needed to do so! #1 - mom and dad mooney bought us a macbook pro as a congrats on the baby! #2 - Christmas money and birthday money from both sets of parents and grandparents bought us a Canon Rebel T1I! #3 - I have a new house filled with projects to blog about #4 - I'm growing a baby thats going to be too cute for words so I'll have to post lots of pictures! #5 - Because I'm inspired and want to share!