Monday, October 5, 2009


Change, it seems to come in waves. And while the first wave always feels a little overwhelming, I find that with the right attitude any change can be a good thing. My family has become masters of embracing the changes and allowing God to use even the hardest times for good, not because we are the greatest but because we trust Him to be.
Today nothing is different and the Lilley family is in the midst of a sea of changes. As your family grows you take on the lives and changes of more people, opening your heart to more joy, and more pain. I thought about blogging about our trip to Colorado, or the camping trip we went on this weekend, but the truth is life and all its changes are really where I’m at so I’m going to share those instead :-)

Parents… They are living in Seattle! They bought a CUTE house and my dad has started working for the Seattle Gospel Rescue Mission! They are so excited about where God has them and starting their new lives off there. Me and Cody get to go visit in November for Thanksgiving and its killing me to have to wait!

Nole and Heather… They are living in Murrieta now! They moved into their new little home and Nole starts the LA County fire tower on the 13th! I’m so excited for them and this new stage, and that Nole got on so quickly (Two years! Haha) I cant wait to go visit them and see their cute place at the end of the month.

Nathan and Anna… Nathans coming home! He has been out at sea for 6 months and I know Anna cant wait for him to be home! It will be his last deployment for a while:-) I get to see Anna this weekend but am excited for the 25th when all us kids are going up to Oakglenn for a fun fall day together! Its good to all be together.

Dustin and Erin… are waiting for Talon! He is due on the 15th of November and it couldn’t come soon enough. Erin calls him man cub and none of us can wait to see his little face or to squeeze him! Dustin is working a lot and Erin is just getting ready to be mommy. We are having her shower this weekend which means all four of us sisters get to be together! Yeee

Edward… Is in Joshua! I have not heard much from him because he is busy but it sounds like he is having a great time! I miss getting to hear about his life and what’s going on but think his being there is a great thing :-) miss you Edward!

Us… Well we are waiting for construction to be done on the house (fingers crossed for the 28th!) enjoying time with family and friends before the move (which might be moved up…) I feel like I'm in the middle of a grand waiting game! Waiting for Talon, waiting for weekends with family, waiting to move and waiting for our turn to start the fire tower... God is so good and life is full of so many blessings even in our times of change and waiting.