Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ready or not...

It's hard to explain the emotions and thoughts running through my mind these days. With only four days until our little Willow Blue is due to arrive I honestly cant pin point what it is Im feeling (maybe this is pretty common for new mamas but it's weird for me!) I couldn't be more excited and thrilled to finally hold and kiss my sweet baby and Cody can hardly contain his excitement and nerves as he waits to finally be involved in his daughters life. We are also physically ready for her to show up with everything we can think of (besides a rocking chair... the right one seems to be hiding from us lol). And while I am still totally comfortable in my pregnant body I also feel ready and rested for labor and her arrival.

So what's hard to explain? The crazy part of my brain that doesn't believe that we have finally reached this time! When you first find out you are expecting you freak out a little about everything that is going to change, but it's ok because you have time to figure everything out. But I don't know where all that time went and I cant get myself to believe that she is going to come any time now! Eeeeee how can this be!?! And are we ready!?!?! Haha I know we are and will be because we have to be when it does happen but it's funny to not be feeling that readiness that most people have told us would come. I don't feel so uncomfortable or desperate to get her out, and we are excited but don't feel like we have been waiting for endless time for this day to come. I guess we just aren't like everyone else :-)

No matter how we feel about it, it is about to happen and about that I am sure! And excited :-)
I know the next few weeks are going to be so packed with amazing memories and special moments with our sweet little family. I feel so blessed to have had such an easy healthy pregnancy and baby and am praying it continues through labor and delivery. We have such an awesome support group of friends and family as well who have made this whole process a joy in spite of any stress that comes with this new chapter of our lives. I'm so excited to start sharing our little girl with everyone of you here on the blog. Stay tuned for her first REAL photo! I just know it's going to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen ;-P