Friday, June 27, 2008


Thats all...Today I am MAD!

and extreamly disapointed in some people.

Our Little Family

Well thanks to Darrin I have created our family! Teehee. I'm not sure how they have red hair but hey it's cute!

Awww don't we have the cutest kids! Haha I love how it's totaly How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days status! Freaky!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Out side my window!

I love hydrangea's and right out side my window is just covered with them! Good thing I opened my window so I knew I could be enjoying thme!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eating Green

It's hot outside!
The only things that sounded good was something fresh and cold..
So veggies and a green tea frap it was!

The only reason I took a picture of it is because me and Sarah decided I don't care enough about "Things" teehee. And because it makes me hungry just looking at it!

I love Greens!


Last night we finalized everything and we have our first home! (Not like we bought a home, it's just the first place we will live:-) It's a guest house in Moorpark, but it's on a large piece of property and the couple who just bought it are actually our age! It's adorable and I simply can not wait to move in! It definitely makes everything seem much more real to me. I have pictures of the whole house but for now this is all you get to see:-) Its the front of our little home! I want to wait until we get everything painted and cleaned up before I show you the rest!

I feel so spoiled! And suddenly the fact we ARE getting married is very real...Mixed joy and fear that we are only a matter of weeks away! I have so much to do!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


1 ~ I will know tomorrow where me and Cody are going to live!
2 ~ I'm off in an hour and a half
3 ~ I get to go home this weekend
4 ~ I started making choices on the flowers for the wedding today
5 ~ I had milano cookies today

1 ~ I have to decide which place I want to live without Cody:-(
2 ~ We have to start paying rent when I make that choice :-/
3 ~ I can't get a hold of the guy t order Cody's ring
4 ~ I can't move forward on the invitations yet
5 ~ I ate Milano cookies today:-/ (but only three!)

If you read this before 6:30 pray that I make the right choice between guest houses for us t live in! Eeek I'm SCARED!

Fathers Day -

We decided to spend the real Fathers Day with Codys dad. (There will be a fake one happening at Hume this weekend for my Father. It's my first Fathers Day with a second Father! It's a little weird I will be honest and my heart is torn between two people. If I am compleatly honest it is still definitly leaning stronger to one side. I think it is only fair to say that even when your new family is AMAZING, and they are, your heart will always like your first family more:-) But maybe down the road they will be equal. Anyways so for Fathers day we went out to silmar and played disc golf! Not my favorite past time but it's perfect for Kevin and the boys. (And Randi who played with them, brave little soul) Here are a few pictures of them playing away! Check out Camerons AMAZING sunglasses he found in the gift store for just 5 dollars! Cody got a new cheetah and Kevin got a water:-) Everyone came out happy! haha Mom and Rylee played at the park while the boys played and I walked along keeping score of the game for them. In the end Cody won the game three lower than Kevin in second place:-) I thought we are supposed t let daddy win? It was a lovely Fathers Day outing that I enjoyed greatly as my first second father fathers day:-P I will be sure to tell you about our fake/late one with my daddy next week

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stealing the Fives...

It's spreading through blogs quickly and I'm going to be just another silly person who uses the idea I believe started with Erins friend Haley...But the chances that she to stole it from someone else are pretty good. However since I dont know who that person would be I will give credit where it feels due...and so the fives

1 ~ It's Friday
2 ~ Im in love & engaged the only thinkg better than that is married! lmao
3 ~ It's Fathers Day this weekend and I have some great dads in my life to celibrate!
4 ~ This morning started with a poptart
5 ~ My muscles are finaly starting to forgive me for that man workout I did with Cody DAYS ago!

1 ~ Im working
2 ~ Feeling a tad disrespected
3 ~ My foot is blue and hurts a bit
4 ~ I allowed myself to get stressed about the wedding for the first time this week
5 ~ Everything I like to eat = not looking good in the wedding dress (which should be on the pros list by the way because it's GORGEOUS!)

The End

Cameron Graduated!

Last night Cameron graduated from Royal High! We went to the graduation but ended up being in a place where we couldnt see anythign so taking pictures would have resulted in nothing...(Thats why all the pictures you will see are at dinner:-) After the family went over to Musashie for dinner, again. I feel like we have been doing a lot as a family resently, and even more this weekend for fathers day! Thats alright though because thankgoodness we like our family! Cody was in a really weird mood most the night...and most the pictures show it:-)

The wonderful parents:-) Thanks for dinner!

Oooo and check out my handsome Fiance in his new glasses!

Doesnt he look smart?

The Mooney Boys

The Girls with Cameron

Congratulations Cameron!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday Dances!

Sunday afternoon Rylee had her dance recital. We all headed t the park to watch her twirl around. All the different classes were so cute and fun to watch. Cody absolutely loved it! Rylee did a wonderful job and actually danced this year haha. She got a medal and flowers when she was finished and I don’t think she could have been more excited about them! What a bright little blessing this precious girl is in our lives:-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Car Update

Well, I am not a person who gets stressed. Today I was STRESSED beyond belief! That cute car that I drove to work this morning is no longer mine. I never knew something so great could come in and out of your life so quickly! Long story short there is a family friend who looked at our deal and told us we had been lied to and they were taking money from us in some fraudulent way. After a lot of stress and phone calls and encounters Cody took the car back to the dealer. A new, new car will be delivered to our home tomorrow morning where we can sign the papers in the comfort of our own home with the price already agreed upon, and much, much lower than what we would have been paying. It comes with a few extras as well! God really provided for us today. And we definitely learned a lot through this experience. I will post ANOTHER picture of my new car tomorrow:-)

Our New Toy!

Last night we bought our very first car! It is perfect!
It's a 2009 Toyota Corolla S.
And it is more than I thought I would ever have!
I feel like a spoiled little girl:-)
My man is SO good to me!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Standing in Line

Well as I am sure you have heard this past Thursday all the Lilley children migrated to Hollywood for some amazing family time and of course...THRICE! Nole Hunter sent out an email months ago saying he was going and if anyone else was interested they should buy their tickets now. Well by the end of the week we all had our tickets and started waiting. And than it happened, the great exodus lol. Just kidding. Anyways here are some pictures of us all waitng in line to get inside the Avalon theater! The littlest Lilley of all who of course is also the tallest Lilley of all!
(Edward was feeling left our not having a significant other there so I stepped in for a photo)
The little Lilley girl with her boyfriend Dustin. or as we like to affectionatly call him Dusty Bear, Dustin Schleagal Sugar Bagel:-) haha ....Us...
Isn't my Fiance the cutest!

The oldest Lilley Girl who is now a Ouimet and her husband Nathan
(He is starting buds in like a week!) The Oldest Lilley of all! Nole Hunter and his beautiful wife Heather.
....Our Boys....
....The Girlies....
I just love my family and any chance I get to be with them! I have a lot to say about the concert but that is for another blog...before this one becomes a novel:-) I just wanted to share my pretty family with you and t say to all my family I LOVE YOU! It was such a joy to spend some time with my favorite people of all!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Well it's been over a week now since we went but...I felt inclined to include you anyways! Chris turned 25 and for his birthday the family went out to dinner at Musashi. Which is excelent by the way.

These are all our favorite grandparents:-)

Grandpa and Grandma Mooney on the left and Grandma and Grandpa Cox on the left!Kevin and Robin. (Robin ordered this awfull egg cake or was like a liquid egg with things floating in it! Ewww)Me and the lovely Randi and Rylee...I love my little sisters

Like father like son :-D Mooney boys are all SO much alike!