Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Man

Today our little man is considered full term at 37 weeks! I'm so happy to have made it to this point. While he still might be like his sister and make a fashionably late appearance into the world, I was a little worried he might pop out early what with all the contractions I have been having for weeks now, when I experianced none with Willow. Its nice to know that while we would love a 40 week baby, he is "allowed" to come out now if he wishes :-) I am so thankful for healthy and mostly easy pregnancies.
This time around I have been in a WORLD more pain then with Willow! Dont get me wrong, I still love being pregnant, know I will miss it, and pray I will get to experience it again! However, due to man hormones raging inside of me I am more grumpy & tired, and due to 3 months recovery time between baby I am SO sore! I was just chillin a week after Willows due date totally comfortable... for weeks now I have been waddling around like a over fed cat who cant get up or down without making an awful ruckus about it. I honestly try to keep my house on high safety levels for little miss cause I cant chase after her that quickly any more :-P haha
As for how I am feeling about the little guy himself, SO excited! Being a mom is the best thing to ever happen to me and I would be thrilled to have another, but to be luck enough to get to have a little guy to experience is so exciting :-) I dont know why but I feel like its going to be very different and Im not sure what to expect but I know I'm going to love it. Because it is my second though I honestly havent spent very much time thinking about what its going to be like, I know everything will fall into place and work out :-)
How we have prepared for him... well we haven't! Hahahaha between enjoying the 1st year with Willow, Codys paramedic school, illness and just life, we kinda put it off and now its here :-) There are days, depending on when you talk to me, that this FREAKS me out. BUT, in my heart I know that no matter what everything is going to be perfect and nothing really matters. I'm just excited for this new stage of life for us and getting to meet him <3
How I feel about labor, both calmer and more freaked out. I feel great about doing it natural IF they dont put me on the pitocin! If they have to induce my labor again though I'm going to be so afraid of that pain that I'm afraid I might just give into anything they want to give me for pain lol. However, just like last time all I really care about is a healthy baby. I will do my best to do it on my own and if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work :-) God is good and I will either have what it takes to get through, or to feel ok about it.
So thats kinda the thoughts on little guy. Oh and he is little guy or man because we arent sharing his name, not because we haven't decided. When naming Willow we discussed every option with people and while its true that its our kid, hubby felt like there were certain opinions that he let influence him to much. So this way no one gets to say and we get to pick without knowing if they like it or not (for the most part;-). So stay tuned for his arrival and announcement of his name!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Enjoying & Recognizing Ever Stage!

These past few weeks I have noticed a very big change in my little girl. I dont know if its the fact she is almost a year old, or if its because her daddy has been around a lot more since graduating paramedic school, causing our regular schedule to be interrupted some what. Whatever it might be she is once again changing, and I find myself falling in love with her even more. It really does just keep getting better and better!
One major change is her sense of adventure, the kids always had it but she just keeps expanding her horizons :-) She has become quiet the climber, flipping buckets so she can stand on them and climbing all over the furniture. Because Willow has always observed things before tackling them she taught herself how to also get down (for the most part) the same day she figured out how to get up. So unless something gets her extra excited and she loses focus she is avoiding a lot of big falls, which I'm thankful for!
Secondly Willow is becoming very loving and affectionate towards me and Cody <3 I cant complain one little bit. Some of it is a more clingy stage where she wants to sit in your lap or just lean against you to make sure you are there, but its also much more. she has started snuggling (I know most parents get to enjoy some form of this much sooner!) Willow has never been big on the lovin though :-) When we put her to bed at night while we pray she wraps her arms around our necks and cuddles before peacefully laying down and going to sleep! And today I got my very first kiss that I didnt have to ask for, and maybe only the 10th I have ever gotten! Its been so fun and I constantly find myself thanking the Lord for these amazing moments while our time with just her draws to an end.
She is at such a fun age! She is getting big enough to really understand the concept of "play" and interacts with us. She loves peek-a-boo and putting things in and out of stuff :-) Its amazing to watch her catch on so quickly when we teach her new things. I know that in just two weeks she is considered a toddler but to me this little love is still just my baby girl! I have loved every single stage we have experienced with her so far, and look forward to so many more. This one is proving to be just as exciting and filled with unexpected blessings. I know that as she continues to grow and test her boundaries there will be challenges that come with that, but I dont want to ever miss out or not realize and cherish these changes as they come and go so fast! Life with Willow is a gift.