Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome New Family Members!

Well as some of you might have heard the Lilley family is growing again! It's a fun exciting time in all our lives as we are trying to figure out where God wants us and what we are supposed to be doing. But we wouldn't be the Lilleys if we dint have eighty things happening at one time and so Erin added some joy to our lives and married this guy! I mean really whats not to love!?!Haha Dustin is wonderful and they clearly love each other. I'm so excited to watch them learn and grow together through life, I know they are going to do great! And I love that our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger, you can't ever have to many people in a family when we all love each other so much. So welcome Dustin we are so happy to have you in our family.

But Mr. & Mrs. Schlegel thought our family should grow just a bit more and so we are also awaiting the arrival of this littler person! (What ever it might be)I know I have said it before but my family has to be the greatest thing that ever happened. I love watching everyone pull together and love on each other when life gets hard, and in times of joy. This is definitely a time of joy in the Lilley family, we have an awesome God who loves us and knows exactly what he is doing in each of our lives (Even when none of us have a clue) and he is constantly bringing blessing into our lives. Life is good <3

Congratulations Schlegels!