Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's The Mary Kay...

A few weeks back I posted about being in love with Mary Kay but that I would be putting it to the ultimate test during labor, obviously that time has come and gone, so how did it do? I will let you decide for yourself, but I sure felt like it held up! Here is a lovely picture of me after my first labor with Willow.... Just stunning ;-p
And here is one after having Barrett. Both my labors were 18 hours from start to finish, with Willow my water broke and I really didnt feel much until the 12 hour mark when they started the pitocin. With Barrett I went into regular labor and was feeling the contractions for all 18 but they never got as bad as they did with Willow towards the end... so both had highs and lows :-)
So what amazing products did I use? Haha cause I know you really want to know ;-) Well I honestly believe that Mary Kay is made wonderfully, but that it works the best together so please excuse the long list I'm about to give you and know that I realise I might have an excessive product problem, but here it goes. Started with the MK Time Wise face wash, day solution, matifier (first time trying it and it certainly did its job), moisturizer, primer (LOVE this stuff its like silk on your face), tinted sunscreen (didnt want to look to made up for labor lol), loose setting powder, blush of course because you never forget the blush right mom? a little bit of eye makeup (spun silk & granite), Lash Love mascara in water proof love love love it, and I topped it all off with.... MACS Fix+ spray *Gasp* I know its a MAC product but to be fair if MK had anything similar I would probably switch to that ;-)
I give Mary Kay an A+ rating but at the end of the day I really dont care what I looked like. I was holding the most beautiful little boy in all the world. I would look like I did after having Willow for months if thats what it took to get this little guy in my arms... but I am thankful I didnt have to and that MK helped me come out on the other side with some dignity still intact ;-)

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