Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here goes nothin...

I am not a motivated person in a lot of areas of my life. I give up on things and don't feel bad about it cause it just wasn't right for me ;-) And while I don't feel like I have ever gotten fat, I also haven't ever been "fit" lol. So after having baby #2 I decided its time to make some changes and get into some good healthy habits before this body isn't so young and good to me and I do get fat, because I love my husband way to much to let that happen :-) So here it is out there for everyone to know and see so I cant give up as easily... I hope
This is me at almost 3 weeks postpartum and 166lbs... I have goals set all along the way so I will feel victorious as I go but the ultimate goal for round one is to be 150lbs come January 1st. I know it is totally doable but I had to make it kinda easy since it is the holiday season Im working with. Cant give up all my fall treats now could I ;-P So there it is and now you know and keep me accountable-ish to my goals, I'll see you back with a hopefully more flattering picture come January 1st!

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annamae said...

woohoo! you can do it!!! :) looking forward to recipe chats with you. :)