Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm A Grump

I can not get my house clean because I work all day and have parties ever night:-(
This stresses me out because I try but the beasts keep me to busy to get anything done.
I have laundry and packing to be done, I wanted to go get my nails done tonight and I have two boys living in my home....

I feel overwhelmed stressed out and not festive at all this morning:-(
I need a slap in the face, or someone to clean my house:-) Teehee

Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Update

Things are going to be getting a little crazy this next week or so!

I still have not gotten Cody's Christmas gift! Eeek so I'm on the search for that with only one day (tomorrow) off between now and Christmas. And Codys home tomorrow which complicates things a bit

Cameron is moving in with us this weekend for a couple weeks because, well lets say the people he lives with are odd:-P Yeah for two boys and two puppies keeping my house a mess

Tonight is Cody's families Christmas party and I'm going alone because he is at work... duh duh duh ha

The puppy honestly has demon in him and I am compleatly exhausted from trying to keep up with him. I could have a baby and it would be less work

Codys on a 48:-( Which means I miss him!

I have to work Sunday:-/

Wednesday we are spending Christmas eve with Codys family than driving up really late to Hume and spending the weekend with my fam:-) So excited everyone is coming home!

It's almost Christmas!!!!

Happy Holidays World!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Un Named...

My husband just couldn't stand it! He had to get a new little puppy because he was missing Koa so much. Rizzo enjoyed all the attention he was getting from him but it didn't last, he is no longer the puppy in the house, this guy is!
He is still without a name, which if you know me and Cody shouldn't come as a surprise to you. We have a lot of ideas, we just have the hardest time making up our minds on which one to stick with:-) He was a meek little puppy at first but the demon has started to come out! He chews everything and bites us! Ahhh haha he is only playing and we are training him quickly but oh my goodness does this guy have sharp little teeth!
Rizzo isn't so sure how he feels about this new little guy taking his place and at first he just completely ignored him, to the point where he would lay down right on top of him if he was in his way! Ha silly little boy we still love you too! He is starting to warm up now and they love playing tug a war through the house smashing anything in their path.
Much like his big brother puppies favorite place in the house is under the tree:-) So no wrapped gifts under there this year just puppies! We are so happy to have this little guy in our life's and blessed that we were able to get another lab puppy so quickly (These things aren't cheap!)So Yippee for Cody and his new little boy... Oak? Remie? Who knows but I'm sure it's going to be good:-)

Tree Time

We started out going to a real tree lot, than headed to Walmart to buy our tree for $35:-) It was fun to go see the real ones and imagine what we would have picked if we could.At the Christmas tree lot!
Fluffing out the tree:-) For 35 bucks it doesn't look to badThis is what Cody did while I decorated the tree...The finished product! It's cuter in real life of course:-)

Our First Christmas

The joys and pains of your first Christmas together. Joys = We both love Christmas! We always have Christmas music on and are doing anything festive we can think of! The pains = Wanting my home to be completely decked out but having to start with nothing! I think we did alright though;-)

My sweet wonderful husband took me shopping for Christmas decorations and he was so generous. I love the way our first little Christmas home looks. Thanks babe!
I decorated our kitchen stand, focusing mostly on the red since our home is already green:-) I love how all the little goodies I got came together and all had their perfect place. Those are red place mats I found when shopping with Anna and I hung them on the curtain for a touch of color!

I got excited about my $1 Christmas napkins and found use for our star cookie cutters!

Christmas touch to the candle tray, simple but I like it:-) We had to use fake snow since I miss having the real thing!

Peppermint sticks marsh mellows for coco.

I couldn't resist these trees! I love silver glittery anything:-) They were my big splurge and cost more than our real tree! Eeek

Christmas touches to our candles:-)

I found the best greenery smelling reed diffuser at Pier 1:-) It actually smells close to the real thing! And I got some cute mercury glass things. I could have everything in my house mercury Glass but it might be a little much:-) Ha

These are our stocking! Last year we bought each other stockings and now I'm trying to decide if I should keep these? Or if I should get cute matching ones? Hmmm help me out!

I also hung a ton of glittery snow flakes in the window, added a red blanket to the couch, a red and white stripped rug and Cody painted our coffee table red for the Christmas season! Over all everything came together nicely and our home feels just like Christmas:-) What a wonderful first year together!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Sweet Boy

Four years ago we brought home the sweetest little puppy. I got Koa for Cody as a gift on our anniversary, and man did I pick the best gift ever:-) We brought him home and fell in love right away. He has been the sweetest, best behaved dog anyone could ask for. He loved to wrestle, play fetch and cuddle. But more than anything, he loved Cody.
He would fallow him from room to room always happy to be with him. He was Codys exploring buddy since they both loved the outdoors:-) And he was Codys very good friend, even if he was just a dog, he meant so much more to us.
But he meant that much to a lot of people. He was a "family" dog to Codys family even though he was Codys pet. He loved everyone of them, and they all loved him back. Everyone loved everything about Koa (Except that he was the king of drool!)
So last week when we had to put our four year old puppy down it was really hard on a lot of people:-( But mostly on my sweet husband. I have never seen him so sad, and don't look forward to ever seeing it again. Life is hard, and sometimes you have to go through hard things, this for us was one of them.
I know none pet people probably don't understand, but this was our boy and we miss him a lot. He was such a blessing to us. A constant source of joy and just the sweetest guy ever.

We miss you Koa Boa

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best

I happen to have the greatest husband ever:-) This morning I was dreading going back to work but this guy made me some coffee, made me laugh, and made me change my toon. I walked out the door excited about my day. (Mostly for it to be over so I could spend the evening with him;-) But still I am so thankful I have such a caring, sweet and obveously HOT husband! Haha

Big Bear!

This past weekend we went to Big Bear with Codys family. Thanksgiving was our holiday with them since we will be at Hume for Christmas so it was great to have the extra time with them!. I have never gone on vacation with Codys family and this was a fun way to start hopefully a lot of vacations with them:-) Everyone went exept Cameron (His girlfriend was in town) and Grandpa & Grandma Mooney came along too. On Friday night we headed into the village for the Christmas tree lighting, Christmas songs and of course Santa! It was cold but we all bundled up and walked around the stores for a while until Kevin had to go home. His shoes hadn't been packed and so he was wearing my running shoes! haha they worked but his toes were hurting pretty bad at the end of the night:-) The next morning we got up and Robin cooked us a very yummy breakfast before we headed back into town for more shopping! We found some cute ornaments to remember our trip with ever year, and got Codys family a pickle ornament so they to can have the pickle tradition! I found a gorgeous tree topper for Anna... I hope she thinks so:-) And we had a lot of fun just wandering around and looking

The girls got cat puppets and took pictures with Santa. It was such a fun little town to be in.
We headed back to the cabin and me and Cody took a nap! Haha we are old people. Than we all headed off to the town theater to see Cinderlla the play. Me and Rylee enjoyed it the most I think:-) The boys laughed a lot and seemed to find it very funny....
On Sunday Cody got up early, built us a fire & made us all coffee before taking the girls fishing. Rylee caught her very first fish and was very proud of herself! The big girls stayed home and cleaned the cabin and packed up. When everyone got back we ran to the Alpine slides and had a lot of fun until Kevin crashed with Rylee and they both came away pretty banged up:-( Rylee split her lip open and burned her chin and hand. Kevin hurt his arm pretty bad and got some burns as well as tearing his pants... it made the afternoon not seem as fun. We were thankful that was all that happened though it could have been much worse. And having a experianced EMT around made the parents less stressed to the handed Rylee to Cody and said Do something haha... I felt bad for Kevin he was really upset about hurting Rylee. It could have happened to anyone thoughWe headed back down the mountain and shopped at Bass Pro Shops for a couple hours than Grandpa treated us all to dinner at the amazing restraunt! We had so much fun and cant wait for the next time we get to all go away together!What a blessing to have two amazing families:-)

After that we headed back down the hill and stopped