Monday, November 17, 2008


Well I have been working on some project at our house this past week !

We were using the bottom shelf of this rack in our kitchen to store all our bigger kitchen appliances like blenders and crock pots. It didn't look very good so I made this curtain to cover it all up:-)I also made a curtain to cover our TV stand so I dont have to see the player or the stack of Friends dvds I have not put away:-) I'm happy with the way it turned out. I like the green.
I didn't make this but my wonderful husband bought me two of these pillows over the weekend for our home. I love them and have been looking for pillows I liked for a while now. I'm loving these already, they are SO soft:-)
Well thats all for now.

Hair Thoughts...

Okay I will admit that I have always loved Hilary Duff. I like the way she dresses and most of the time I love her hair! A couple years ago I died my own hair brown, because I did it at home and had bleach in my hair it quickly turned green within a matter of days! Not at all the look I was going for, and frustrated I paid to have my hair turned back to it's original blond. Now however I am considering trying the brown thing again especially after coming across this picture! So I was just wondering...thoughts? On the cut and color. I don't think I'm ready to cut it all off but am willing to try a new color and this isn't to short:-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Re Inspired!

I just went back and looked at my first blog, and I blogged about all kind of fun stuff! Haha not to say Im great or anythign but a lot of times I wonder what did I used to find to blog about? Well now I know... That being said today I still dont have much to blog about but mostl because I spent the last three days alone while Cody worked. I made some curtains for my house that I will blog about. and planned on painting a table but with the winds thought it better to wait until it wont instantly be covered in dirt! Ha.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Home!

Well we have been slowly working on putting our house together and making it feel more homey:-) I thought I might put up a few pictures so everyone can see what it's looking like.Our's little so we are making every little space count:-)I decorated the top of the rack in our kitchen with wedding memories. I still can't believe it's already and only been two months! Kevin & Robin let us borrow their TV for a while and Cody hung these cute shelfs up for me:-) (And guess what I was watching!?! Haha)Heres the cute engagement pictures I chose to put in these ones. I LOVE having pictures out so this is just the start to our pictures:-)Cody had to have a place to hang his keys so he got this to hang next to the door:-)
Cody bought me the vase on our honeymoon so it's another funmemorie to have out!
This picture is simply because Im so excited that it's finally time to have cozy blankets out for fall time!And lastly just a peek at a few fun Christmas finds from this weekend shopping with Anna. A huge red and white rug! And I have some different ideas of how to use the place mats and ornaments so I can't hardly wait until it's time to decorate with them!

I love having a home to decorate and sadly it's small enough if I stand on one side I cant even get the other half of the house in the picture so I will just have to keep sshowing you bits and peaces of what I'm up to:-) Hope you enjoyed... I know it's nothing creative like you might see on Anna or Heathers blog but hey we can't all be like that;-) teehee

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Colorado Advntures

Well, I completely failed all of you. I didn’t take ANY pictures while in Colorado! So I will try to keep this post short and add some stolen pictures off line;-) We stayed in Castle Rock with some old friends from high school. Stephanie proved to be the best thing that happened to us! She drove us all over and showed us all the sights. This is the castle rock in Castle Rock. They light the star at the holidays!

One of the greatest things about Castle Rock is that it is right in the middle of everything! On Sunday we drove up to Boulder and saw that gorgeous town. (Probably my favorite) And some surrounding areas like Longmont, which Cody was a fan of, not as much college town feel. We walked through Pearl Street Mall and shopped around a while. Me and Cody got some Christmas ornaments from here to continue the tradition my family has to get new ones on each vacation! Than we went back and drove through Parker, saw where all the Broncos live and had dinner at Texas Road House.

(There was actually a game on Sunday and we drove past the stadium. The place was huge and completely packed! Every where you went people where wearing Broncos jerseys. It was fun to see EVERYONE getting into the spirit.)

Monday morning me and Cody got up early and borrowed their truck (another huge blessing!) And drove into Golden for his test. He went in at 8:30 and came out at 12:15! I walked through a super Target and Boarders as well as drove through some of the homes to see the town. Golden is well named because the place is packed with aspen trees and this time of year they are…yep golden! It was beautiful.

Cody felt like the test went okay and we will find out on the 8th if he passed. He just hated how long it was! We drove back into Castle Rock and explored the outlet malls than spent the rest of the evening having dinner back at the Riskey’s apartment and looking at housing options on line.

Tuesday we woke up and headed towards Colorado Springs. We stopped off in Monument than headed into Black Forest where some old friends of Cody’s parents live. It was beautiful but a little to removed from a town for us. We hung out for a while as Cody, Kenny and their friend Dick talked about hunting. (I think that conversation alone sold Cody on Colorado)
This is in Black Forrest I guess but we didnt see ANYTHING like this....

it was almost two by the time we left so we drove into Colorado springs had some lunch at Qdoba than shopped around a little bit more. It was a good thing I was flying home or I might have bought a lot of things! Im ready to decorate for Christmas! We drove back home relaxed for a while than Steph drove us to the airport. It was an amazing trip and it was such a blessin to have Steph to show us around to all the good places. We saw more than we ever hoped for and got a great idea of what the different areas in Colorado are like. We had a couples hours at the airport before we boarded and spent most of it talking about our different options and what moving would look like to us! It’s a big choice and a scary one, which we still have not made….

I will let you know how things go.

One last silly thing. This is the huge blue Bronco that you see when going into the Denver air port (Which getting to the airport and through it is a whole other story!) anyways a man designed this for the air port and while he was out stting it up it fell over and killed him! For reals, now when you see this thing at night your not surprised, his eyes glow red and he looks evil enough to kill anyone! What some people think is cool I tell ya....